Guest Blogger Greg Strickland Shares "Five Reasons Why Your Church Should Still Be Holding Revival Meetings" 12/3/2014

Revival meetings?  Didn't people stop holding those in the '50's?  No, many churches across America still have them, regardless of the general feeling among many that they are outdated.


Now, if you are talking about evangelistic crusades that assumption might be right.  It seems that people today tend to respond more positively to relational evangelism.  But when we are talking about reviving - bringing new life to a body of believers, real revival has never been more important.  And revival meetings can be an effective part of real revival!

As a minister who's served churches for over 25 years - big ones, small ones, old ones, new ones, traditional ones, and modern ones - let me give you my top five reasons over the next five days just why your congregation should still be holding revival meetings. 

#5 - Revival meetings give your congregation something to promote 

Let's face it, we know all the best-selling books are all about being "missional".  We are encouraged to "take the church to the people" rather than bringing people to church.  And that's a fantastic transition that needs to happen.  However, Sunday morning is still a time when unchurched people who are just curious enough and hungry enough about Jesus will show up at your church.  So why not get those folks that way if you can.  A revival meeting can have that "open house" effect.  "Here is something we are inviting the public to!"  Put it on your website (Don't have one of those?  Check here, list it in the paper, or put it on a good ol' poster - but promote your congregation!  

Yes, we know the public is invited every Sunday.  But you'd be surprised at the number of people I've met who have asked, "Is it 'OK' if I come to your church Sunday?"  In this postmodern world, church can be seen as a club where those who aren't members might not be welcomed.  (I wonder why anyone would have that idea?)  Think about attending a club to which you'd not been invited.  Would you just show up?

Speaking of invitations, revivals are an opportunity for your members to invite friends and neighbors.  It's something different, special, or exciting.  It's a great speaker (I'm partial, but I like these guys, some fantastic music (This guy is awesome Superfantasticproductions), or a great kids' program.  But it's something your people can get behind and ask their friends, family, and neighbors to come to.

Tomorrow!  #4

In Loving Memory: Sylvia Palmer 2/18/2014



Today many friends and relatives will say good-by to a great soldier of Cross, Mrs. Sylvia Palmer 95 year-old powerhouse of the Gospel.

Her preacher-husband went home to the Lord in the late 80’s.  You might expect that a lady who had given her life serving others along side her husband would decide to sit back, relax, a prepare for a smooth transition into her Heavenly home.  Not Sylvia!  She headed off to Hong Kong for short-term mission service, and then came home to lead her small church in many mission endeavors.  For almost three decades she kept the small congregation in Vona, CO alive with just a handful of members.  I remember preaching one Sunday when we were in the area about ten years ago; Sylvia stood to lead the singing for the twelve of us who were gathered there.  Behind her was the attendance board, which showed that the week before the attendance was 1 with an offering of $20.  Sylvia (then in her late 80’s) had walked two blocks in a blizzard to open the church and prepare communion just incase anyone should venture out for services that day!  On another occasion Beth and I stopped by the Church building when traveling through eastern Colorado and found Sylvia (almost 90 years old) wearing hat and gloves and working with a young woman in her 70’s to clear brush from a recent storm.   When moved into a nursing home just a few days before her passing she said, “I have one more soul to win before I go”.

Wish we could attend her send off, but she'd tell us that it was more important to be preaching the Gospel in revival in DeWitt, AR this week.  So we'll take comfort in knowing that.

Sylvia taught us a lot about conviction, commitment, & enthusiasm.  We shall miss her, but look forward to seeing her wonderful smile again someday when we meet on that Beautiful Shore.

*NOTE:  The picture above is of Sylvia (@ 92) when she drove herself 25 miles every night from Vona, CO to Burlington, CO to attend our Rock Solid Revival.