Revival Overview

Is there still a need for Revival meetings in the 21st Century? Yes! Times have changed and the way we "do" church certainly has changed and will continue to change so that the needs of every generation may be met. However, Christians still fall short of maturity; congregations still become complacent and stagnant; and preachers still get discouraged. Sometimes we all need a spiritual "shot in the arm"! Revivals that are well planned, and hedged about in prayer, can make a lasting difference in the local church.

Our Ministry
Tom & Greg stand ready to minister to your congregation through revival preaching and focused teaching. Various revival themes can be planned to meet specific needs of your congregation. Contact us for more information.

Beth & Lori travel with their husbands most of the time and Beth is available (when pre-arranged) to speak with your ladies group or groups on a variety of topics.

Important Note:  Beginning in 2012 the RSM Board of Directors has set a limit of five services/sermons per revival. Example: Sunday morning - Wednesday night or Thursday night - Sunday night.  

What Will This Cost My Congregation?
Our evangelists salaries and travel expenses are totally underwritten through the generous gifts and regular mission support of individuals and congregations throughout the United States. Included in underwritten expenses are fuel, food, lodging, and daily costs of operating the Ministry.  Though our evangelists are always up for a "free lunch" or pot-luck dinner at the church, no offering is ever requested or expected.

However, over the years we have come to realize that by not allowing offerings, we have taken away a blessing from churches and individuals who have the ability and desire to share financially in the work of Rock Solid Ministries. Should a congregation or individual desire to donate to this Ministry, they may do so by making their tax-deductable gifts payable to Rock Solid Ministries.  All gifts will be used to enhance and improve our ministry to the Lord's Church and keep us on the "Revival Road".

Important Note:  While our evangelistic teams are now able to accept gifts on behalf of the ministry, they are not able to accept personal, financial gifts. 

Canadian Churches:  Rock Solid Ministries is NOT registered with Revenue Canada as a non-profit organization. RSM cannot receive any offerings for our Ministry from our brothers & sisters north of the border. However, we have made many trips to Canada and are always delighted to serve you free of charge!

A Cost-Free Revival, Really?
No. Nothing worthwhile (other than salvation) is free. A Rock Solid Revival will cost your church in time, preparation, and prayer.

We recommend,  if the congregation can afford it, that they use the money they would have used to pay the evangelist for advertising and local outreach. They also may want to bring in a song leader, quartet, or praise team (whatever meets their needs) to lead the music during the Revival and/or an area youth minister to lead a children's Revival.

All of this is outlined in a "Pre-Revival" packet that we mail to local congregations three months before a scheduled meeting.

We are available on a first-come-first-serve basis and are willing (and desire) to set up meetings as far in advance as possible. Check our Open Dates page for more information.  The best way to contact us is by our online Contact Form, but feel free to call and leave a message.